Liam Gallagher’s lookalike son Lennon says modelling makes him feel ‘vulnerable’

Obiajulu Chiagoziem

Liam Gallagher, Oasis singer ’s son, Lennon claims to be feeling vulnerable at times due to the onslaught of competition in the modelling industry.

Lennon, 22, reveals that on his part it seems uneasy for him in the modelling and fashion industry.

Lennon is paving a path for himself as a rockstar unlike his Oasis singer dad, however, when it comes to modelling and fashion, he feels uneasy.

Taking us through the path of his uneasiness, he said “It’s always pretty difficult putting yourself up for castings and stuff and putting yourself out there.

“And then there’s like hundreds of people who maybe look a bit like you, look so different to you, and like everyone is going in and out, and you’re like, ‘I’m not going to get this!’

“You kind of do get a bit insecure, I can’t lie.”

Recall that earlier this year, Lennon made headlines when he announced following his dad’s footstep by joining a band group, an announcement which gained him his dad’s and full family support.

Liam said in support of him joining a band group…“Lennon has that rock god stage presence and has learned the art of performance from his dad,” source recently told The Sun.

“Liam is super proud and has listened to his songs – he’s always around to offer advice.”

Lennon’s road to music stardom shouldn’t appear much as a surprise due to the fact that he is named after Beatles icon John.

He previously explained: “I grew up with my mum being an actress. Also, my dad is a musician.

“I just like being in front of the camera – as cheesy as that sounds.”

While giving an insight into his band group, the 22 year old rock star didn’t fail to share the kind of sound his band group projects.

He explained: “We’re progressing as musicians; we’re learning new techniques and new ways to make music that we didn’t really think about before.

“I’d define it as cacophony, just loud, harsh. It definitely has rock elements and experimental, we like to push boundaries as much as we can.” he concluded.