Gemma Collins claps back at Steve Allen after he compared her to Jabba The Hutt

Obiajulu Chiagoziem

Gemma Collins has slammed Steve Allen, LBC radio presenter who fat-shamed her.

Steve Allen recently received a lot of backlash when he called Strictly Come Dancing’s Tilly Ramsay, 19, a ‘chubby little thing’.

Recall that some years ago, he compared Diva Forever star Gemma to Star Wars character Jabba The Hutt and even called her ‘fat’.

After posting a pics of herself, Steve Allen made a comment on the picture, and Gemma used the opportunity to also warn him and others who are body shaming her.

“I’ve had a few people this past week, month, ten years in spotlight be rude to me about me ….” she began.

“Firstly I’m sorry my bright light reminds you of how miserable you are and secondly Y’all need to all remember who the F I IS, a Romford girl that’s smashed it on so many levels.

Gemma Collins slams Steve Allen, LBC radio presenter who fat-shamed her.

“I was so upset about the targeting of@tillyramsayand then I got attached to the story because of someone being cruel about me and do you know what guys it does upset you when it gets brought to light all day yesterday it was covered.

“Is the radio station going to deal with this ?” Gemma wanted to know.

She added: “Everyone vote this weekend and get behind @tillyramsay what’s gone on is disgusting, unless you can match what I’ve achieved don’t even bother …… having to relive the cruel comments yesterday really has got my day off to a vunerable start but don’t worry.”

She went on to say that she was going to continue her day, work and do it for all the people who have to deal with negativity.

“I never been given anything I didn’t come from a rich family everything I got I GOT IT I PAID for it I made my own life though hard work RESPECT,” Gemma concluded.