Mourinho’s team receive a crazy thrashing in Norway

Obiajulu Chiagoziem

Jose Mourinho, Roma’s new Manager this season yesterday in their match against Bodo/Glimt in the Europa Conference League, received a huge loss as he took the blame.

Mourinho has accepted and shouldered the defeat based on the players he chose for the game while hitting the fact that everyone must be giving an opportunity to play.

From records, It was the first time in his 1,008-game coaching career that Mourinho has seen one of his teams concede six goals.

“I decided to play with this team. The responsibility is mine,” he said. “Obviously I had done it with a good, double intention. On the one hand, giving an opportunity to people who work a lot and don’t play a lot.

“On the other hand, consider our squad and all the games we have to play, I let people who play practically always have a rest.

“Then, we lost against a team who have more qualities than us. It’s simple. The main Bodo team is better than ours who started the game.

“If I could always play with the same men, I would. I believe that doing so is a great risk, however. In a group-stage game, with six games and six points already acquired and two more games to play in Rome, I decided to make these changes.

“I knew about the limitations of some of our players, it’s nothing new, but obviously I expected a better response. But as the decision is mine, so is the responsibility.”

Mourinho added: “I had never hidden it, I knew that the team had many limits. The good thing is that now at least none of you will ask me why I always play the same players.”he concluded.

Mourinho said Roma will be facing Napoli in the sunday’s game “with the weight of a defeat that I would define as historic”.