Katie Price’s mum says ‘it’s time Dwight Yorke took responsibility for son Harvey’

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Grandma Amy, blasts Dwight Yorke for letting her grandson down in an extract from Katie Price’s new book, Harvey and Me.

The revelation, which shows the depths of his indifference to his 19-year-old son, was made by Amy Price, Harvey’s maternal grandmother who has helped raise him alongside his mum Katie.

She revealed through the book the whole lots of indifference Dwight Yorke has against his son Harvey.

She says: “I think it’s sad that Dwight isn’t in Harvey’s life. His agent has always been in contact with me. If Harvey isn’t well, she’ll message me and ask how he is.

“But Dwight never asks himself.

“In 2020, Harvey was hospitalised and was really poorly in intensive care. Dwight’s agent rang me and asked how bad he was. I said, ‘Look, this has got to stop now. If Dwight wants to know about Harvey, he’s got our number and he should ring us himself.’

Amy (L) with daughter Katie (R) and grandson Harvey(M)

“He shouldn’t be going through his agent. It’s about time he took some responsibility. But we’ve heard nothing from Dwight, which is a shame. Harvey is also missing out on a relationship with his brother, as Dwight has another son.

“It really is such a shame because we always had a good relationship with Dwight.”

Katie’s relationship with Dwight Yorke was short-lived after becoming pregnant with Harvey in May 2002. She caught Dwight cheating on her in a live camera while she was pregnant.

Actually she was on a lingerie photoshoot when she was presented with evidence that Dwight had been partying with other women, despite getting her pregnant 14 weeks previously.

After breaking the news of her pregnancy following Dwight’s affair with Australian model Gabby Richens, Dwight denied being the father of her unborn baby, while demanding for a DNA which after being conducted proved that he is the father to their unborn child.

Dwight Yorke with Katie Price

Dwight agreed to take responsibility of his son although he only asks of his son’s affairs through his agent as Amy claims.

Amy went on to add…“In my opinion, I think Pete being with Katie interfered a lot when it came to Dwight’s relationship with Harvey. Dwight and Pete never got on. Pete said he wanted to adopt Harvey and Dwight was shocked by that.

“I think one of the main reasons Dwight didn’t visit Harvey at the house was because he felt uncomfortable around Pete. I also think Dwight found Harvey’s disabilities confusing. He just couldn’t understand why Harvey was so ill and why he had so many problems. I think he found it really hard to accept.”