Peter Andre talks about his strange, terrifying nightmares

Obiajulu Chiagoziem

Peter Andre has revealed that he had been encountering same dream for over two years and has beckoned on his fans for it’s meaning.

Peter is the latest celebrity to reveal he suffers from recurring nightmares. Recall that earlier this month pop star Ed Sheeran said he dreams a gunman shoots him in the head every night.

And just a few days before Halloween, Aussie Pete has admitted he has a nightmare that is even weirder than Ed’s.

The singer said: “I used to have this really weird recurring nightmare that went on for two years. It was of two thumbs that got married.”

He describes the male thumb as a ‘gangster’ who wore a bow tie, while the female thumb looked like the pride of Frankenstein.

Peter continued: “They would walk past this haunted house and there would be all this lightning – and to top it off they had lots of smaller thumbs following them.”

He said that those nightmares always wake him in the middle of the night with cold sweat running down his body.

Although he rarely dreamt of them, he really wanted to know the meaning of it.

The English singer and television personality who gained popularity as a singer, and is best known for his singles “Mysterious Girl” and “Flava”, went on to explore his fans to come forward with answers if they know what the dream means

“I know it’s really strange and I’d love to know what it means. If anyone has any intel please get in touch with me!” he requested.