Thomas Tuchel wants Andreas Christensen to become Chelsea legend

Obiajulu Chiagoziem

Thomas Tuchel, Chelsea’s manager is keen on seeing Andreas Christensen remain in his squad and becoming a Chelsea’s legend. However, as it is presently, his contract extension doesn’t seem forthcoming.

Tuchel has tried to stay off Christensen’s contract extension discussion because he doesn’t want to be seen meddling in such talks, he’s just the manager and had no much right to decide who stays or leaves. However, he’d want the 25 year old defender to remain in his squad.

“I think it’s important that we accept the personality of every player,” Tuchel told the club’s official website. “Some are more aggressive, some are more loud, some are more calm and he is a very calm guy, a very intelligent player.

“Sometimes you can get maybe a bit misled by judging him from his personality because he’s a hard defender and he’s the guy who is not shy to have hard tackles and to win challenges and to step up in games.

“He found his place, he’s very strong, he’s very reliable and he has not reached his limits because at this age there is still room to improve. So he can be an absolutely top defender for us in the next years and hopefully he will be because he comes from the Academy, he knows what it takes, and he has improved massively so far.

“But it’s not done yet. You have to show it over and over again. There are big examples at this club of what it takes to be a legend in defence and there is still a way to go but we are very happy so far.”

Be it as it may, the Chelsea’s administration are keen on keeping Christensen due to his pivotal role in the club presently.

Tuchel on his own side knows how crucial Christensen is on his defense side.

“He’s a super important player for us because he can play in all three positions in the back three,” he continued. “He’s a very technical defender, very calm in his personality, but I have the feeling that he’s stepped up with his confidence.

“He plays a tough game now and can play very physical, he’s not shy of making tackles or pushing himself to a physical limit, and that’s what he needs. That’s what you need as a Chelsea defender.

“He has his qualities on the sporting side, but he’s also a trustworthy and reliable person. They’re good as a defender. From time to time, he needs to be reminded to come out of his shell and show his strength, use his elbows, make yourself strong in your position and don’t always rely on support from elsewhere.

“This is maybe the next step to become better and become a regular player for Chelsea.” Tuchel said in conclusion.