Brendan O’Carroll leads tributes to Dennis Knotts who worked on Mrs Brown’s Boys

Obiajulu Chiagoziem

Mrs Browns’ Boys’ props master, Dennis Knotts has been remembered after dying, following a battle with Coronavirus as Star of the show Brendan O’Carroll led the tributes.

Brendan feels so heartbroken while writing the tributes while noting that he was “one of the family” and that his death has “devastated” the Mrs Brown’s Boys cast and crew.

“He was the most adorable man and actually, we dedicated the Christmas episode to him, we loved him very much,” Brendan told the Irish Independent.

“He’s been on every show that we have done with the BBC and that’s ten years now. He was the props master on every one of them; he was lovely.

“We lost one of the family. There were people who had worked with Dennis for 40 years and they are just devastated; they can’t believe it.”

Dennis before his demise, worked with BBC Scotland, where Mrs Brown’s Boys is filmed.

According to Jenny Gibney, Brendan’s wife and co-star, the crew and cast were in the middle of filming one of their main movie for Christmas before his demise struck them.

Brendan O’Carroll leads tributes to Dennis Knotts

“We were in the middle of recording that episode when we got word that he had passed,” she said.

“We did the show for Dennis; that’s how we all got through it. We said, ‘let’s do this one for Dennis.’ And we did”.

She went on reiterate that the Dennis’s tragic is a reminder that covid19 still lingers in the corner.

“I think you need to remember that the virus is still out there and keep taking all the precautions,” she added.