Giorgio Chiellini feels De Ligt ‘has everything’, hopes Raiola does not alter Juventus’ future

Obiajulu Chiagoziem

Giorgio Chiellini, Italian international and Juventus defender hopes that teammate Matthijs De Ligt remains in the club as he feels his defensive colleague already “has everything”.

Chiellini hopes that De Ligt’s agent Mino Raiola, doesn’t take him away from the club.

Chiellini who’s 37 years and happens to be Juventus captain, is in the final years of his career and due for retirement, but the future of the Turin giants appears to be in the hands of De Ligt

He said “He’s very strong, I call him Thor.

“If he had been Italian, it would have been easier to keep him for many years, I hope that Mino will give us the pleasure of leaving him a few more years in Turin.

“He has everything, but the difference is made in the head; he is 22 years old but has the mentality of someone of 30, and he sets himself the goal of wanting to improve every day.”

De Ligt arrived Juventus as Andrea Barzagli retired, but he still finds himself competing with the other two members of the great ‘BBC’ back line.

Following Bonucci’s departure to Milan, De Ligt is the last option left. Chiellini complained about the sudden move while saying…”I was hurt. That Milan was a team in difficulty, it was not Real Madrid or even Milan of now,” he said. “Today it would be different, but at the time going there meant taking a clear step back.

“The choices remain personal and must be respected, but if we had been on holiday together that summer I would have made him understand that he was making a mistake. He realised it very soon.”

Chiellini also could have been out the door by now, revealing he considered retiring following the coronavirus outbreak, but played on to star at Euro 2020, where Italy won the title.

“I lived a hard period after my injury,” Chiellini said. “I returned after six months and shortly after COVID broke out, and for almost a year I struggled to find the right balance.

“The thought of retirement made its way into my head but it was the European Championship that kept me going with the desire to be there at all costs.” he concluded.