DJ Adele Roberts says she’s ‘starting to turn a corner’ in bowel cancer battle

Obiajulu Chiagoziem

Adele Roberts, former big brother contestant, has sent in an update on her surgery on Monday after being diagnosed with bowel cancer.

She took to Instagram to update that she would be having a tumour removed, while writing: “Just a quick note to say thank you to everyone. You’ve been absolutely incredible! So kind, sending good wishes and looking after my family.

“You are the greatest! You’ve kept me going. I’ve had my ups and downs this week but today I really feel like I’m starting to turn a corner and hopefully I’ll be well enough to go home soon.”

She thanked all the health related officers who are keenly working to see that she’s fine… “God bless the NHS

DJ Adele Roberts says she’s ‘starting to turn a corner’ in bowel cancer battle

“I cannot believe how hard they work and how much they care, they’re angels on earth. They’re next level – so special.”

She seems very strong as she claims that the woman in the ward encouraged her to remain resilient in the fight against Cancer as she’s not the only one.

“There’s a few ladies on my ward who are inspiring me everyday,” she wrote.

“They’re warriors – stopped me feeling sorry for myself many a time! Also reminding me that I’m not alone in this and that it could be much worse for me.”

She didn’t fail to appreciate London iconic BT tower for always listening to her morning broadcast.

“I never realised that one day I’d be watching the sun from the other side,” she said.

“Seeing ‘Good morning London’ everyday has made me so grateful and been my reminder that everything is going to be ok,” she said.

The star ended her message writing: “Have a great week everyone and please go and see someone if you’re worried about anything that’s not normal for you.

“Early detection saves lives. I don’t want this little horror taking any more of us.”