Koeman’s sack: Real Madrid’s Manager Ancelotti reaction

Obiajulu Chiagoziem

Carlo Ancelotti, Real Madrid’s Manager recently reacted to Koeman’s sack as being part of the Job.

Koeman was eventually relieved of his managerial Job following Wednesday’s defeat by Rayo Vallecano to a 1:0 final score.

Although having been given a chance to prove himself worthy of the job for a while, after an indoor meeting with the club’s management, it’s now pertinent to say that he’s not the right man for the job as he was sacked.

“I’ve been sacked several times and I’m still here, alive and happy,” Ancelotti told reporters after Madrid’s 0-0 home draw with Osasuna.

“Getting sacked is part of the job and you have to give it everything you’ve got until the day you’re sacked.

“You have to look forward while keeping a clear conscience. He’s giving everything he has to give.”

Madrid on their own side drew their home against Osasuna, making it three home games without a win in LA Liga.

Carlo Ancelotti and Koeman

Their goalless draw with Osasuna comes along side Villarreal’s draw match too.

“Of the three games, we deserved to win two of them,” Ancelotti said. “We have to understand that they are difficult games for this squad, because in this game we lacked presence in the box.

“But do you want the truth? You can call me crazy, but I liked the performance. Especially in the second half. My players have given everything and we have to keep going.”

Ancelotti ain’t impressed about the referee’s decision to deny Real Madrid a penalty after Vinicius Jr was brought down in the box by Osasuna’s Lucas Torro, and also the time factor which was seen in the second half.

“The penalty is a complicated issue. All I saw, was Vinicius asking the referee to take a look at VAR and he didn’t get why,” Ancelotti said.

“Then I understood why, he stamps on him and I think it’s a penalty. Why VAR did not intervene I don’t know.

“I told the referee I felt he hadn’t added enough injury time given how the game had gone. I asked him for an explanation but it wasn’t very convincing.” he concluded.