Referee is not an excuse for Atletico Madrid failing to win their match against Levante says Diego Simone

Obiajulu Chiagoziem

Diego Simone, Atletico Madrid’s Manager has critisied the refereeing system in his match against Levante, yesterday’s game that ended in a draw.

Although blaming the referee for awarding what doesn’t seem like a second penalty of the game to Levante after referee Pablo Gonzalez Fuertes then deemed Renan Lodi handled the ball in his own box after reviewing footage at the pitchside monitor. 

He also stressed the need for the team to work very hard in avoiding such situations where they’ve got to battle to earn a point.

In an interview, when he was asked about the decision to award the second penalty, Simeone said: “We have to improve as a team and not use as an excuse the referee’s performance, their goal from the penalty, the penalty in the first half, the 200 kicks to Joao [Felix] that had no consequence. 

“We have to work to try to get out of this moment. One negative thing brings another and we quickly have to become strong and build. 

“The team has to grow and not apologise for the penalties, for the kicks to Joao or for the many yellow cards we received. 

“The reality is we have to improve ourselves and that is urgent. 

“Everything the referee does on the pitch is understood by him to be a penalty. You [journalists] are here to comment and look at the rules. 

“Nothing is going to change no matter much I think it should, so don’t make me talk.” he stated in conclusion.