Tragedy of John Candy who battled heartbreaking weight issues before death at 43

Obiajulu Chiagoziem

It’s a sort of remembrance and an anniversary as we could recall that the iconic Canadian actor, John Candy, would have turned 71 years old this weekend, but sadly passed away back in 1994 at the age of 43 while filming his final film, Wagons East John Candy.

As it is presently, his life and work are set to hit a new discovery in this era as one of his films is currently being redeveloped.

John Candy’s role in the 1980’s movie The Blues Brothers, is being explored of recent in a new documentary series being created by Utopia Originals in collaboration with film star Dan Aykroyd and the estate of the late John Belushi.

John Candy and his family before his demise

John died following some health related issues in the year 1994, at the age of 43, leaving behind his wife, children and a legacy yet to be fulfilled.

A throwback to his life and career is therefore important due to the impact he made in the movie industry.

John Franklin Candy was a Canadian actor and comedian known mainly for his work in Hollywood films. He rose to fame in the 1970s as a member of the Toronto branch of the Second City and and its Second City Television (SCTV) series.

John Candy’s role in the 1980’s movie The Blues Brothers, is being explored of recent in a new documentary series

He was born on the October 31st, 1950, in Newmarket, Ontario, the son of Sidney James Candy and Evangeline Candy, he was brought up in a working class Catholic family.

John was married to fellow Canadian, Rosemary Hobor and they had two children, Christopher Michael and Jennifer Anne.

Both of John’s kids followed his footsteps into the acting world, with Jennifer playing roles in Camp Candy, Prom Queen and Cockpit, while Chris had roles in various TV and short film projects including 2019’s Chowchilla which he wrote himself.

Painfully, throughout his lifetime, John Candy battled with weight issues and a family history of heart related problem which haunted him till death.

John Candy’s children, Jennifer (L) and Chris (R)

Sometime in 2016, his son Chris while speaking to a Hollywood reporter on his dad’s health condition said: “He always worked on his weight and his health. And fortunately, he helped us to figure that out for ourselves.

“He grew up with heart disease. My sister and I are very well aware of it and take care of ourselves. His father had a heart attack, his brother had a heart attack. It was in the family. He had trainers and would work at whatever the new diet was. I know he did his best.” he stated.

From us @ veraslounge, we commiserate with the family as he’s being remembered today.