Luisa Zissman says she was ‘looked down on’ when she had to use a wheelchair

Obiajulu Chiagoziem

Luisa Zissman, The former Apprentice and Celebrity Big Brother star has revealed her shocking experience while she used a wheelchair.

Luisa broke her knees during a sporting activity oo, and the injury confined her to a wheelchair for awhile. According to her, she discovered that people who have mobility issues can be on the receiving end of awful discrimination.

“When I went on holiday to Portugal in August, I had to go in a wheelchair. And do you know what it highlighted? People really look down on you when you’re in a wheelchair!

“It’s really sad. I remember going into a shop where I was buying my dad a drone and the woman in the shop didn’t speak to me or look at me because I was in a wheelchair.

“She’d only talk to my dad. It’s not very nice.”

Luisa went on to reveal that she was shocked that she never received same compassion she rendered towards the disabled ones when she was faced with disability.

She said: “I always knew what it was like for disabled people because of all the work I do with an orphanage in Moldova.

“I had that empathy anyway, but it was quite shocking.”

She further explained that her injury got her so down “It was a bit depressing not being active.

“I started to think, ‘What if I never walk properly again?’”

Luisa further happily revealed that she’s sound and healthy again as she can work and has gotten back to her feet and set to mount her horse.

Luisa Zissman says she was ‘looked down on’ when she had to use a wheelchair