Jurgen Klopp cools tension with Diego Simeone over handshake snub

Obiajulu Chiagoziem

Liverpool’s manager Jurgen Klopp has doused the tension which was sporadically raised by Atletico Madrid’s Manager Diego Simone who has consecutively avoided observing the handshake norms after their games.

Klopp made it clear that he has no issues with Diego Simone’s avoidance to observe the shaking of hands, which is normally in the English sides club.

Recall that at their first meeting, Simone was captured sprinting down the tunnel to the dressing room whilst Klopp was on the move to meet him.

According to Klopp, he believes that Simone is not used to the formality of shaking hands.

Simeone argued that his actions were not a sign of disrespect towards Klopp, and after the final whistle, the Liverpool boss confirmed he had not taken it as such.

“It’s absolutely no problem at all,” Klopp told his post-match press conference. “I know Diego doesn’t like these kind of things and I am not the biggest handshaker on the planet and want to annoy people with my handshaking.

“He doesn’t like it and I didn’t go over, but that doesn’t change my respect for him and the work he is doing.”

Klopp also commented on the red card that came forth in their second leg match against Atletico Madrid where Felipe cynically tripped Mane on the counter and most expected to see him shown a yellow card, but after refusing to go over to the referee to receive his punishment, the Brazilian was surprisingly shown a straight red, with some believing his dissent may have earned him the card.

“So, I didn’t see in the first place that it was a red card,” Klopp confessed. “For me, it was a yellow card

“And I saw it back and then you see that the foot is high and hits his Achilles, so it’s a decision [of] the referee. I think of the law it’s a red card.

“So do I want the other team going one man down? No, not at all. I think we were the better side already against 11 but with an intense schedule we have, I think it is very important that you control the game after that a lot, and we did that.” he concluded.

Jurgen Klopp cools tension with Diego Simeone over handshake snub