The Chase’s Anne Solway Hegerty speaks about her lone life and Christmas

Chidalu Obiajulu

Anne Solway Hegerty, English quizzer and television personality, popularly known as “The Governess” on ITV game show The chase, has described her perfect Christmas as being left alone to snack on mince pies and binge on top TV.

The 63 year old quiz show star is famous for taking on contestants on The Chase – where she performs under the moniker The Governess.

Anne who have previously talked about her relationship life style and her preference not to date people, has now explained why she loves spending Christmas alone. Having turned down many suitors, Anne says that being alone is the best.

Being less than a month to the well known cultured Xmas period now launched, Anne discussed her plans for Christmas – while promoting her involvement in a new panto.

Speaking on Loose Women on Friday, she said: “For quite a long time, I’ve actually preferred and also made up my mind to spend Christmas on my own, which sounds awful and terribly lonely, but it’s my choice and that’s the way I want it.

“There are plenty of exciting and enticing places or event centres I could go on Christmas day for entertainment and fun, and to be honest, I just like having a day off, and not having to deal with people.

Anne is due to play the wife of a giant in a production of Jack and the Beanstalk at the Beck Theatre in Hayes this Christmas and admits she loves the idea of taking on more acting roles.

When asked about the movie, she said that: “I love having the chance to do a bit of acting and having an audience. It’s live theatre, which one doesn’t have the chance to do, and it isn’t The Chase.”

During the start of the year, Anne had said that she had given up on male gender and enjoys her lonely life as a singleton.

The autistic and single star said: “I still get attracted to alot of people, but there’s no point in pursuing what doesn’t seem to belong to me.”

She continued: “Quite apart from the fact that I’m probably not his type… I’m going to leave him very baffled and wondering what he’s done wrong. I love being isolated.

“To be frank and sincere, it baffles me that I really don’t feel like I’m missing out on relationships. I’m doing pretty fine as people can see it.

Anne who pretty well has made a name for herself, thanks to her high intelligence and brain filled with facts that helps her beat contestants on The Chase, has really enjoyed careers out of the spotlight in the past.

She has worked as a reporter and featured writer for the South Wales Argus until she moved to Manchester.

Anne the Governess had a secret career as fading or ghost writer, writing two books under the name of author-illustrator Richard Scarry – with his express permission of course.

However, she also revealed she almost ended up homeless while struggling as a freelance proof reader before she found fame on the ITV show.

Anne also commented on the tough experience she had while growing up to being famous: “I just simply couldn’t keep it going and the result was I wasn’t paying my bills, but I was trying not to go on benefits on the grounds that I just thought that was sort of giving up. I wasn’t giving up.”