Ferguson, Guardiola, Wenger, Mourinho and Klopp – who is the best in the EPL?

Chidalu Obiajulu

The Premier League is an English tournament played 38 matches for each team, and played home and away till the end of the fixtures so as to declare the winner. It has been blessed with hordes of talented managers over the years, with the likes of Sir Alex Ferguson, Pep Guardiola, Arsene Wenger, Jose Mourinho and Jurgen Klopp all having claims to be the best.

For Neil Warnock, it is legendary Arsenal boss Wenger who comes out on top, while Ferguson – despite the dynasty he built at Old Trafford – ranks fourth in his list. Unsurprisingly, his opinion has stirred some heated debates.

After all, Ferguson is the most-decorated coach in the history of the top flight. He won a record 13 titles across his 27-year reign, and regularly bettered his peers. No manager has yet come close to matching his achievements.

But Warnock, who has presided over a record 1,603 games during his 41-year career, said that three other bosses have brought more to life at the top table when asked to name his top five all-time Premier League managers.

As a result, Sportsmail has asked several of our experts for their picks and to explain their decision-making…

For Rob Draper it is Sir Alex Ferguson first,Pep Guardiola second,Arsene Wenger third,Jose Mourinho fourth and Claudio Ranieri last, Jurgen Klopp didn’t make his list.

Not to have Sir Alex No 1 seems to me to be obtuse to the point of perversity. The 13 title wins and the longevity – managing the transition between great teams in a way Wenger didn’t after 2006 – puts him way out in front.

Wenger of course, as Warnock points out, has influence way beyond his three titles but I would argue tactically Guardiola has changed us as much, produced football as sublime as Wenger’s and has three titles in five years.

Klopp will doubtless make this list soon but I think Ranieri edges him for now. They have one title apiece and clearly the Italian’s stands out as the greatest title win in Premier League history, unlikely ever to be surpassed.

According to Mike Keegan his own opinion Alex Ferguson is the greatest and best in premier league history.

Sir Alex Ferguson always and will forever be known as Manchester United most successful manager, even in the premier league, won 13 titles with Manchester United out of 21 seasons,Insane!!ñ

By a million miles. Nobody comes close. With every day that passes of the current Old Trafford bin fire, his incredible accomplishments stand even taller.

Jose Mourinho the Portuguese manager was known as the special one,won the champions league with Porto 2003,his spell at Chelsea was also good,his spell at inter Milan was really special.

It’s easy to forget that before the Special One turned up, Chelsea were far from that. Yes – he enjoyed financial backing – but his almost instant delivery of success at a perennial underachiever was sensational.

Arsene Wenger well known for his years at Arsenal FC,his success was noted, especially his 2003/04 season going unbeaten.

He came, he saw, he revolutionised. His Arsenal machine was a mix of the brutal and the brilliant. A shame he had to spend years paying for a stadium.

Jurgen Klopp the German football manager, known very well for his spells at Mainz and Dortmund but Currently Liverpool coach.

Delivered where many others failed in ending Liverpool’s trophy drought in what was one of the Premier League’s greatest achievements. Continues to keep the Reds in the mix despite financial constraints.

Pep Guardiola the former Barcelona and Bayern Munich manager,a former Spanish international football player who is known for his genius, tactics and style of playing entertaining football.

His impact on the game is there for all to see. His City teams have been a joy to watch while his tactics have redefined the norm.

Ferguson, Guardiola, Wenger, Mourinho and Klopp – who is the best in the EPL?

Matt Barlow’s opinion is that Sir Alex Ferguson as first,Pep Guardiola second,Arsene Wenger third, Jose Mourinho fourth and lastly Jurgen Klopp.

It is impossible to get away from Sir Alex Ferguson’s 13 Premier League titles out of 21 contested before his retirement in 2013. The manager is expected to win. If not why sack him when he doesn’t?

Pep Guardiola and Arsene Wenger are the two great revolutionaries of the Premier League era. Both have instigated radical change and set new trends. Both have won trophies while delivering football with flair and fluency.

But combine their Premier League titles – add in three from Mourinho and Klopp’s win in 2020 – and you are still three short of Fergie. The gulf is simple too great for any other factors to hold sway.

Another football analyst by name JACK GAUGHAN also dropped his own opinion that Sir Alex Ferguson is the best manager ever in the premier league during his spell at Manchester United,then Pep Guardiola of Current Manchester city who have won it three (3),Arsene Wenger as third going unbeaten in the league and the only manager to have won the golden premier league trophy 2003/04,Jose Mourinho’s first Chelsea spell was really something to talk about, and Jurgen Klopp last for me.

The order is debatable but I can’t imagine there will be too many other variations of the top five. Ferguson tops it for his longevity, while Klopp squeezes in for the way in which he has Liverpool playing.

Not a lot needs to be said for Guardiola, whose genius has shone through over the last five years.

Special mentions to Sir Bobby Robson for his triumphant time at Newcastle and Martin O’Neill’s consistency with Aston Villa and stabilising Leicester City as a top-flight club in the 1990s.

According to RIATH AL- SAMARRAI he says that for him and his personal opinion that Sir Alex Ferguson comes first for him,then current city manager Pep Guardiola,then Arsene Wenger, the special one Jose Mourinho and lastly the coach that took Leicester city to their first ever premier league title.

Much as I have always enjoyed listening to Neil Warnock, I’m not sure I can buy into a list that doesn’t put Ferguson at No 1. Force of numbers, the creation of an empire, the reinventions of his squad – it’s too hefty a body of work to get silly about it.

Places two to four are largely interchangeable. Guardiola shades it for me by virtue of his innovations and the brilliance of his teams, and Wenger nudges Mourinho for the sheer scale of an unbeaten season.

He also deserves a nod for the consistency of keeping Arsenal in the Champions League for so long while the stadium was being paid off.

I’d have Ranieri at five, though clearly he isn’t the fifth best manager to work in the Premier League. Nor the sixth, seventh or eighth and so on.

But what he did in that one season will surely remain more memorable across time than almost anything else.