Marnie Simpson reveals sonogram of new baby

Chidalu Obiajulu

Marnie Simpson has shared the sonogram of her baby after announcing she’s expecting second child with fiancé, Casey Johnson.

The celebrity who’s best known for appearing on MTV reality series Geordie Shore, is expecting to be a mother for two.

The 29-year-old model is expecting the new addition with her fiancé, 26-year-old musician Casey Johnson, with whom she already has a two-year-old son named Rox Star.

Making the news public, Marnie said that they were “thrilled” to expand their family and also added the shock about the pregnancy.

Following her announcement of the good news on social media, lots of congratulatory messages from friends and other celebrities poured in.

Following the support of her social media fans, Marnie went further to share a picture of the sonogram and wrote “Hey baba”.

In a teaser of theory interview, posted on the outlet’s social media, Casey said that whilst he’s a little nervous, they have “learnt a lot more being parents” , and that it will help them.

Marnie agreed, saying: “We know what to expect this time.” She admitted they’re “a little bit scared” but said they’re “so excited” to welcome the baby into their family.

She also said that this pregnancy might be the last and why she considered having second was because she didn’t want son Rox to be an only child. She said: “I’ve always wanted two. I just think it’s a nice number. I don’t want to have too many as I want to be able to give them everything I possibly can.”

The Celebrity Big Brother finalist said she didn’t like being an only child and so didn’t want her son Rox to be that, and would want him to have a sibling.

The celebrity partner Casey had told her the joy of having siblings and the joy of having sisters and brothers as companies “all the memories he had growing up.” She said that she wants that for her son.