David Bowie’s wife, Iman refuses to call him her ‘Late-Husband’

Chidalu Obiajulu

Late David Bowie’s widow, Iman Abdulmajid, an entrepreneur, fashion designer and actress has refused to call him her ‘late husband’ and says she’ll never remarry.

Iman admitted that she still feels married five years after Bowie’s death, describing her romance with the Space Oddity singer as ‘epic’

The popular singer, David Bowie departed from this world on 6th January 2016 after having a tough battle with cancer.

66 years Iman Abdulmajid, while Speaking to PEOPLE magazine, described her love with the late singer as ‘love at first sight’ when they met on a blind date in Los Angeles. She added that as of this day of her life, she still feels the presence of her late husband David.

“My late husband David Bowie died on 2016, after having a tough battle with cancer which left him in a bad condition till he died, I never knew him as Rock star but as David Robert,” the model and businesswoman said.

Iman, marking a rememberance of him, has released a new fragrance in ode to their relationship, called ‘Love Memoir’. She described how she came up with the idea while stricken at the country home the couple shared in the mountains in upstate New York – a place she once said was too painful for her to visit following his death.

She added that rushing back to the city was sad for her as she thought she had processed everything about her loss (late husband).

The model confessed and admitted that her days have been filled with sadness and loneliness because of her loss, but recounts the good old memories of them both when he was alive.

When the couple’s 21-year-old daughter Alexandria ‘Lexi’ Jones questioned whether her mum would ever remarry, Iman said: “No, I will not. I still feel married, I still feel his presence, he’s my all.

“During the past few years back when he has departed from this world, someone referred to him as my late husband but I rebuked him saying, he’s my beloved husband.

She ended her speech by saying that through the memories they had together, her love lives eternally for him.

Many shops are set to sell David Bowie Monopoly boards, because of random idea in the run-up to Christmas

Even the Birmingham-based retailer, who also offers ACDC and Queen boards, aims and plans to sell 70,000 rock Monopoly sets by December 25,in Memory, Rememberance and Tribute to late David Bowie.