Peter and Paul (Psquare) make peace after 4 years of Separation

Chidalu Obiajulu

The popular Nigerian twin musicians Peter and Paul Okoye, known for their enticing and exciting music hits, have made peace after years of feud between them.

The Renowned members of the defunct musical group, P-Square, have reconciled four years after they went their separate ways in what’s a surprise to their fans.

A heartwarming video emerged on Wednesday via Instagram, showing the twin brothers shaking and hugging each other tightly.

The musical twins ended their relationship and union late 2017 over a disagreement which they couldn’t sort out themselves, which appears to be family related. Following that, they each pursued their individual music career, but fans kept clamouring for their reunion.

Following their reunion, Paul celebrated his brother Peter and wife Lola on their marriage anniversary earlier this week.

Paul who had previously unfollowed Lola on social media also started to follow her again and fans have reacted to the development.

One social media influencer and Media personality N6 has demanded an online apology from Paul and and their elder brother, Jude Okoye to Peter’s wife Lola.

N6 made his demands after video of the brothers hugging each other was spotted online. Describing himself as Lola’s online in-law, N6 stated that the mother of two wasn’t the reason why the brothers broke up as was alleged during the time of the feud. He then shaded Paul, noting that Lola is still in her man’s house but the same can’t be said of him.

Having seen a reconciliation between the talented twins, fans would be expecting to hear a jam from them.