EastEnders ’ Maisie Smith sparks concern about feeling ‘pointless’ in crying video

Chidalu Obiajulu

The EastEnders star Maisie Smith has left most of her fans concerned after she dropped a video of herself saying she feels ‘useless and pointless’

The 20 year old actress shared her video where she’s crying on tiktok after leaving the soap earlier this month.

The star went to the extent of sharing a short video of her everyday events and rating them, which her highest is 6/10.

She also dropped a clip of her, having a real bad day and rated -10000 out of ten.

Her weekly rating went as follows: “3/10 felt useless, 6/10 was really productive, -10000/10 had some bad news, 2/10 maybe there was a reason I felt very bad.”

On the day that has the worst rate, she posted a clip of her eyes, red and crying, while she turned away from the camera while biting her lips. She said that she received bad news but didn’t clarify what the news was about.

On another bad day she said she ‘lost her personality’ while wearing heavy makeup with sunglasses on top of her head with a ponytail.

Most of her Fans took to the comments to express their concern for Maisie.

The first person wrote: “my darling I know it feels bad but take care.”

Another fan commented: “take and look after yourself Maisie” as another added: “Hope you’re okay love, sometimes we’ve a bad week and days.”

Maisie’s co star Shona McGarty added: “I love you” along with a heart emoji.

Maisie quit EastEnders recently where she played Tiffany Butcher for 13 years, after she chose to not renew her contract when it expired last month.

The star recently returned from taking part in Celebrity SAS: Who Dares Wins which was filmed in the Middle East which is thought to be Maisie’s first big project since quitting the soap.

It was reported that this series of the show was one of the toughest so far with multiple celebs pulling out for different reasons. A source told The Sun: “Meanwhile, Pete really hurt himself on the course, and had to withdraw on medical grounds. Doing some of the stuff that the directing staff want you to do with a broken rib is just not possible.”

Amber Gill love Island star pulled out of the show as well after just 48 hours, speaking to the magazines source said: “Amber is by no means a wimp, but just couldn’t hack it any longer. She’s a reality star turned fitness expert and even she couldn’t stay longer than two days. She was gutted but couldn’t carry on.”