I’m a celebrity, get me out of here show returns on Sunday

Chidalu Obiajulu

This year’s I’m a celebrity, get me out of here show returns on Sunday for a 21st series.

Many popular faces are taking part in what is one of their hardest challenge which includes Frankie Bridge and Richard Madeley.

The popular two TV duo by name Ant and Dec will make a historic return to Gwrych Castle in freezing north Wales to present the star-studded show, as unfortunately the Australian Palazzo is out of use for the second year running.

Though facing an unfamiliar and unpredictable weather temperature and gruelling Bushtucker Trials, the participants and celebrities are given a posh hotel treatment in the castle after they are evicted from the house.

While in other years and seasons of I’m a celebrity show, the stars were treated at the Australian Palazzo Versace Gold castle, the bosses also want the current participants and celebrities to experience the taste of their luxury.

According to Ross King, who last year revealed the news on Good Morning Britain, celebrities booted off from the show are driven to the border into Cheshire where their luxury stay awaits.

The popular fiver hotel is just an hour drive from Gwrych Castle and it offers stunning views over 1,000 acres of Cheshire countryside.

Fortunate enough there’s a luxury that offers regular Spa and massage.

The evicted celebrities are treated at the luxury hotels. The luxury hotels where they are treated is much more better than the cold celebrities endured at Gwrych Castle.

There are also Televisions in their own convenience, should they wish to keep up with what’s happening at the celebrity camp, and also an award-winning restaurant on site run by head chef Graham Tinsley – and there aren’t any creepy crawlies in sight.

The evicted celebrities can also head to the £12million spa facility on site that offers a lot of classy Spa and massages.

The popular five star hotel which is a stone throw from the 7million EURO I’m a celebrity camp is described and known as the “definition of luxury, glamour, sophistication and Relaxation center “.

The popular Versace Palazzo hotel boasts of a magnificent and eye-catching water fall with a front view setting, three restaurants, a glamorous spa and a huge swimming pool, and a palm tree frame and design that sweeps the driveway to the opulent hotel.

Both the celebrities stars and guest are entertained with its glamourous big windows, to be able to have a taste of the sea views. The sunshine of the Gold Coast pours through the airy windows in the bedrooms and suites while spa baths and private balconies offer extra touches of luxury.

The frontage and balconies have chairs and tables for sightseeing and proper view of the beautiful swimming pool, with it’s waterfall.

It is the perfect place for the celebrities who are evicted, not too far from the I’m a celebrity camp jungle in part of Australia’s Springbrook National Park.

During mid November, guest rooms for a night is topped up to 275 Euro for just a night, According to the hotel website, while the standard, beautiful and glamorous imperial suite is up for grabs at around £1,000-per night.