Australian TV host mocked after Adele stormed out of interview

Obiajulu Chiagoziem

An Australian TV presenter has been served a hot pie by Adele’s fans as a result of the star refusing to grant an interview to him because he failed to listen to her new album.

The 37 year old Aussie TV presenter Matt Doran was brutally mocked by Adele’s fans over an Instagram post he shared before enduring a failed interview with the singer.

Matt Doran actually flew down to London to interview the British star Singer Adele as part of a $1 million (£540,000) package for the network he works for, Seven.

He was meant to conducted an exclusive interview with Adele as it is scheduled to air in Australia alongside two documentaries about the star – namely Oprah Winfrey’s One Night Only show and ITV’s An Audience With Adele Special.

However, the planned interview met an ugly end as Adele stormed out of the scene when Matt confessed not to have listened to her latest album 30 and thus the interview has been banned from being aired in Australia.

Funny enough, the Aussie TV presenter ahead of the interview had shared a snap with two crew members on his Instagram, captioning it “Back at it with the boys! This one is going to be pretty special.”

It met a Waterloo as Adele’s fans capitalize on it as they mock him on the failed interview.

One commented: “This picture did not age well at all.”

While another mockingly commented: “It turns out, it was not going to be special.”

This ridiculous comments came through as it was alleged that Adele stormed out of the interview when Matt confessed not to have listened to her album.

Matt on his side claimed the interview actually went through for a while.

He told The Australian: “When I sat down to interview Adele, I was totally unaware that I’d been emailed a preview of her unreleased album.

“I have since discovered it was sent to me as an ‘e card’ link, which I somehow missed upon landing in London. It was an oversight but not a deliberate snub. This is the most important email I have ever missed.”

He insisted: “Adele didn’t storm out. In fact, it was the polar opposite. What was meant to be 20 minutes was extended to 29 minutes

“The majority of the chat was about the album. I told her: ‘I’ve only had the privilege of hearing Easy on Me, but not the other tracks.’

“As part of a long discussion about the new album, I remark that it would be reductive to say it’s about heartbreak and divorce; instead, it’s about empowerment and hope.” he concluded.