James Van Der Beek and wife Kimberly welcome sixth baby after 2 pregnancy loses

Actor, James Van Der Beek and his wife Kimberly have welcomed their sixth child, Jeremiah after previously suffering from double heartbreaking pregnancy losses in the space of seven Months.

The 44 year old actor announced and expressed their joy to fans that his wife finally gave birth to a bouncing baby boy who they named Jeremiah.

Posting a lengthy message announcing the arrival of his new born baby via his Instagram page, he shared pictures of the new arrival in the company of his siblings. “We’re very happy, overjoyed and humbled to announce his arrival (We’ve been calling him Remi, btw – not “dinosaur”),” he began.

He went on to express his heartbreak after their double pregnancy losses.

“We kept this one silent due to the losses we had previously, I was terrified that it might turn out to be the same.”

He revealed how his wife Kimberly had a weakened cervix and revealed a doctor was able to complete a simple surgical cerclage which was removed at full term and let her give birth naturally.

“Yeah we know the ones we lost gave us pieces of puzzle, heartbreak and disappointment, but with the arrival of this masterclass, we’re ever grateful and appreciative, because it’s brings joy to us.

“(Ps – To everyone in our community – both local and extended – who knew about our journey and honored our desire for privacy… thank you. May that respect and karma come back to y’all 1000-fold) Life is beautiful.”

Wife, Kimberly also shared some pictures of her and the new arrival, not failing to express how sad, angered and devastated she was after suffering two miscarriages within 7 months.

“Actually in total I have had total of 5 miscarriages, but the last two was too critical that I was hospitalised for further exams and test to be conducted. It was a very difficult situation, that I was mentally, emotionally and physically down,” Kimberly told Entertainment Tonight.

“It was a shock surprise that I was able to pass through all this and still survived it,it was pretty dark and I thought I did think I was going to give up,” she continued.

“I just had a glimpse of what happened at the hospital, because every minute am losing losing consciousness and he (James)was there showing affection,love and care,but generally it was rock!”