Zlatan Ibrahimovic admits shoulder charge on Azpilicueta was intentional

Chidalu Obiajulu

40 year old Swedish player, Zlatan Ibrahimovic, is known for his form in front of goal, and bullying behaviour against opponents that provokes him.

Spanish player Ceasar Azplicueta fell a victim of such bully during their world cup qualifier against Sweden, where he had a shoulder buzzing from Zlatan Ibrahimovic who deliberately admitted he intentionally did it, and will still do it again.

Zlatan Ibrahimovic sent the Chelsea captain to the ground after he intentionally slammed his shoulder into the back of Azplicueta during the closing minutes of world cup qualifier against Spain which they lost 0:1.

During the corner kick swing, Ibrahimovic rushed towards the Chelsea captain and shoulder buzzed and floored him, which led to a foul.

Ibrahimovic explained that the brutal shoulder charge was entirely deliberate and intended to put the Chelsea defender in his place for ‘acting big’ against a Sweden player earlier in the game.

“During the international duties, I intentionally and purposely did that to Azplicueta,” he said.

“I can’t feel bad or shy to say that, yes he did something bad, something bad to my player,” he added.

He went ahead to admit that he knows that what he did wasn’t right, but that he had to do it.

Sincerely speaking, Zlatan Ibrahimovic appears not to be afraid of fines, suspensions or retribution against him. He was asked if Ceasar Azplicueta approached him after the game, he said that “Azpli doesn’t have the balls to, but will meet my teammates who will always act nice to him. Quite alright I know what I did wasn’t good, but am not shy or ashamed to say I will still do it.”

The 40 year old avoided a red card, but was booked off camera, and will miss the first leg playoffs.

The former, Barca, Juventus, Inter and Manchester United player insists the suspension ain’t bothering him. “It’s not about missing the play-offs. It’s about making the guy understand you don’t take the p**s out of somebody laying [on the ground],” he continued.

“You don’t attack a dog that doesn’t talk. Attack the one able to do something. It’s too easy to pick on my teammates who are 20 years old and very nice guys. I hope he understands now,” he added.