Kanye West confesses he wishes to reunite with Kim

Chidalu Obiajulu

Not too long after his separation from his ex wife, Kim Kardashian Kanye West is alleged to have confessed that he really misses his family and will love to reunite with family.

Kim Kardashian who has been married twice before she met the American rapper and got married to him, confessed on having loved the husband from the depth of her heart,but hard times caught up with their goal of being together forever.

Meanwhile the entertainment polymath mentioned that he isn’t giving up on his marriage just yet, as he plans to work things out with his estranged wife, Kim Kardashian.

The popular American billionaire rapper made this known during a visit to the Skid Row on Thanksgiving Eve.

“The narrative God wants is to see that we can be redeemed in all these relationships.

We’ve made mistakes. I’ve made mistakes.

“I know that am at fault because I have publicly done things I shouldn’t have done in public as a husband, but right now today, for whatever reason — I didn’t know I was going to be in front of this mic — but I’m here to change the narrative,” Kanye said.

“I sincerely wish to have my beloved wife and family back, I have seriously missed them,it would be happy ending for me, if there’s a reunion between us.

Kanye’s confession is coming a couple of days after Kim and Pete Davidson made their love relationship public.

The timing would make one wonder if it has anything to do with Lim moving on with her life and giving love another chance.