Nicholas Anelka criticises PSG for being a ‘counter-attacking team’

Chidalu Obiajulu

French professional football manager and retired player, Nicholas Anelka has criticised French Giant PSG for being a counter attacking team.

According to him, including Messi in the starting lineup means PSG can’t be a counter attacking team.

The French Giant started with their fearful front three at Etihad stadium, and the former believes Mauricio Pochettino has his hands tied trying to build the team into a counter attacking team.

‘With Lionel Messi in the squad you can’t build that team into a counter attacking team’, Anelka told RMC.

‘You can’t build the whole team on Kylian Mbappe’.

Messi indirectly assisted Kylian Mbappe when he sees his cross deflected on to the young French man, who put it at the back of the net.

While On CBS Sports, Arsenal legend Thierry Henry made same statements similar to that of Anelka, implying that the talent at his disposal will be able to bring success in Europe only when managed well.

He also added that: “If you want to win the Champions League, you cannot defend with seven players, It is impossible, I don’t care who you are. The full backs are exposed, so it’s virtually a three vs one, three vs two on the pitch, Teams that win titles – and the Champions League even more so – have their front-three facing the ball.

“With this kind of play, the full backs feels more comfortable, and your front three could be able to penetrate. Teams in France cannot expose them, but Man City can.”

The former arsenal player has said earlier that he won’t mince word about the Argentine, having said last month ‘he believes the Argentine has looked ‘not so extraordinary’,He also added: ‘Today we demand from Neymar, we can also do same to Messi’.’ Since the beginning of the season it is not extraordinary either. There is a player who has six Ballons d’Or and finally is not so extraordinary.’

Lionel Messi however faced the wrath of the popular savage French paper L’Equipe on Thursday after his off-colour display against Man City on Wednesday night – calling the Argentine ‘hit and miss’ in the 2-1 defeat.

With all the attacking talents in their possession,they didn’t pose any threat after they went ahead – registering just two shots on target – with Messi singled out for a nearly anonymous performance as he was handed a four out of ten by L’Equipe.

All French magazines and outlets are notorious and popular for critics and rated the star low, claiming he was ‘overwhelmed by defenders’ at the Etihad.’Yes, he delivers the almost decisive pass to Mbappe [for the goal], yes, he initiates some situations by his work as a pivot between the lines, but we are entitled to expect more [from] a six-time Ballon d’Or [winner],’ the paper said. ‘In the [build up] of the game, he must [do] more.

Some of his key passes were either hit and miss or a misplaced ball,it seems he’s just overwhelmed by defenders.