“I never said donate money to me”- Davido clears the air on money received from fans

Chidalu Obiajulu

Popular Nigerian musician, Davido had on 17th November jokingly called on his friends to send him money, which turned out to be what he didn’t expect, as lots of his friends and fans alike responded to his call generously. The very act which put social media on fire.

He was able to realize #200 million naira in 12hours, which really shocked many social media users,but he was criticised by some, who called it a largesse,while some said he was begging.

Some people insisted that he was able to realise such amount because of how helpful and generous he has been.

Following people trying to interpret the event in different ways, Davido has recently cleared the air about how he came up with the money he realised from his tweet on the eve of his birthday.

Asher had started off the conversation about the music star asking his fans to donate money on his birthday.

Davido immediately, cleared the air stating that:

“Naaaaa, I didn’t ask my friends to donate, it was like a joke. I was like if I ever made you go music, send me a million naira which is about $2200,” he said.

“So my friends started sending me money, after a while, I started seeing crazy amount of money in my account.

I started seeing regular people, fans they started sending me money.”

It would be recalled that Davido raised N200M over 72 hours after he shared his account details on social media.

And adding his own N50 million naira to it, he however, donated the entire money realised to orphanages across the 36 States of the country.