Has Innocent Idibia (2Baba) proven to be a good Husband to his Wife Annie?

Chidalu Obiajulu

It might be safe to say that legendary Nigerian singer Innocent Idibia, aka 2Baba, has proven to be a faithful and exceptional husband to his wife Annie.

He recently recalled how his marital life was in a mess when his wife accused him of sleeping under the same roof with his first baby Mama, Pero Adeniyi.

The popular singer “2baba” didn’t respond immediately to that, but took his time before reacting to the allegations.

Even though Annie brought their marital problems to social media, 2Baba did not display any form of retaliation, owning to the fact that he is not the type to bring his issues to the public.

2Baba and his wife Annie Idibia all loved up at an event

Instead, he went behind the scene to ensure that peace was restored, and then went on to publicly apologise to his wife on his birthday.

Annie returned the favour too by tendering a public apology to him, her mother-in-law, and her mum for putting them out there and causing them pain.

The Amiable singer 2face went further to prove that he is indeed a supportive and forgiving husband to his wife by sharing a headshot photo of himself and Annie on social media.

He captioned the photo: “Special birthday blessings @annieidibia1”. Without spelling it all out, he made it known that all is now well with his family.

However, he has continued to share photos of himself and his wife Annie, and in one of such posts, he made it known that no one is perfect, and that there is beauty in imperfection. His statement can also be translated as their marriage is a work in progress.

Although the singer had kids with different women, he has also proven that he is shouldering his responsibility as a good father.

He has been a good father to his children, making sure they’re all taken good care of.

Each time photos and videos of him and his children surface online, they show the way the children adore their father.

It’s notable to say that apart from the recent involvement with first baby mama, that it hasn’t been heard he had an extra-marital affair with anyone since getting married to Annie.

The power couple Innocent Idibia (2Baba) and Annie

However, he has proven those that wanted his marriage to Annie to come to abrupt end wrong. He has worked on, and has shown that he’s worthy and capable of being a good and faithful husband.

Although being one of the most celebrated, he has never been abashed to show off his wife Annie.

It was a surprise that even when social media hailed and supported him to Make it official with Pere Adeniyi, he recounted and chose his longtime girlfriend, Annie as his wife.

It is safe to say that 2face Idibia, has fought tooth and nail,to make sure that his marriage with Annie Idibia works, proving many people wrong about their mindset of how loose he’s with women.