Jamie Oliver admits wife Jools, 47, wants more children after baby number five.

Chidalu Obiajulu

Popular TV Chef Jamie Oliver and his wife Juliette, well known as Jools, are proud parents of five children, Poppy Honey Rosie, 19, Daisy Boo Pamela, 18, Petal Blossom Rainbow, 12, Buddy Bear Maurice, 11, River Rocket, five.

While the popular TV Chef Appeared on The Chris Moyles Show on Radio X, he explained how simply ‘Maternal’ the wife is.

The Chef who is close friends with Chris joked about having a walk and teased him saying: “I was quite sure I made a joke about the couple having 98 children and Jamie was like yeah we’re done now and then Jools looked and went ‘although one more might be nice’ and Jamie looked at her.”

Jamie replied saying that: “She’s so Maternal and has a lot of love to give, which I know I can’t… but what do you do? I just keep saying ‘but what about me? Don’t worry about the kids! Moi!’

The Chef went on to talk about their newest family member, Conker the dog, whom they all loved.

“That’s the great thing about a dog, I’ve never seen anyone in my family more pleased to see me.

“The dog is just a month old, and that’s the kind of things I want when I get home, I want somersaults and circles and trying to bite your own tail.”

Meanwhile, the wife of the Chef revealed that after having five miscarriages that she might use IVF to give birth to her sixth child.

Jools had her fifth miscarriage during the lockdown and has spoken about them in the past.

But in an interview, she explained how the second time it happened she “could have died” if she was not rushed into hospital because she lost so much blood.

When Jools was asked about having a sixth child, she responded saying that when you’ve experienced five miscarriages you did be like, this baby is meant to be here, so you keep pushing for it.

“So for me to conceive the sixth, I have researched and found IVF which after I have spoken with some experts and amazing people, it was recommended good for my age.

“But we’ll know that it’s hard, considering that I have a partner, I will be sure if he’s keen to have it, I shouldn’t be selfish you know. So I don’t want to push anything, because I’m very lucky.

“I also presumed that once I get to the age of menopause. I will do everything possible In my own way to thank God, because he has relieved me from childbearing and I can now live my life.