Dr Dre celebrates divorce from wife after ‘striking deal to finalise split’

Chidalu Obiajulu

American rapper, audio engineer, record producer and entrepreneur, Dr Dre, following a nasty divorce battle with his ex wife, a divorce battle that included papers being served at a funeral, celebrates after he reportedly reached an agreement with ex, Nicole Young.

According to reports, the estranged couple has strucked a deal to finalise their divorce.

According to TMZ the pair, who have been “at war” over disagreements surrounding money, have finally come to an agreement.

It was said that Dr Dre’s estranged wife Nicole, 51, had requested $2 million a month in temporary spousal support from the rapper and producer.

Dre and Nicole got married in 1996 and share two children, Truice, 24, and Truly, 20, but have had series of unsolved problems.

According to reports, Dr Dre – real name Andre Romelle Young – paid his estranged wife a one time sum of $2 million and $500 thousand of legal fees.

Many sources have it that both the Dre and Nicole are yet to reach an agreement or sign any deal, but already, Dr Dre seems to be celebrating the progress.

A large photo of the rapper of the beaming music mogul with celebratory balloons that spell out ‘Divorced AF’, was seen circulating on social media

The Rapper, 56-year-old is seen smiling in a long sleeved white top with white trainers and dark pants as he sits proudly in front of the display.

It was said that the whole incident and trouble had thrilled the rapper, although one source told TMZ: “This whole thing could blow up again.”

It seems true the rapper has put behind the nasty troubles of divorce, it came out earlier this year that he was served with divorce papers while at a cemetery for the funeral of his grandmother.

There are many contrasting ideas and incidents, with the specific location he received the papers being up for debate.

While the Sources connected to Nicole have claimed that she was handed the papers at the car park following the ceremony.

The sources associated with the rapper have it that the rapper was approached with a file, while standing beside the casket of his late grandmother.

Unfortunately, the content of documents he was served wasn’t disclosed, but it’s said that he was left so angry by the ordeal that he wouldn’t accept the documents.

Reports said that the famous rapper dropped the documents at the scene where they were given to him.

The popular rapper, has been single since April of this year, but the nasty proceedings have been ongoing since then as the pair struggled to come to an agreement surrounding finances.

Legal documents that were obtained by The Blast show that lawyers for the pair filed a “judgement” after having agreed to sign off on the “status” of the divorce.

Although the financial preceding is yet to reach a pin point agreement, both Dr Dre and Nicole are free to remarry in the eyes of the law.

The popular American rapper Dr Dre being valued at $800 million according to Forbes, there’s been disagreements about how much of the fortune Nicole should be entitled to.

Reports and Rumours have it that Dre said she shouldn’t take any of it, while Nicole asks for half.