Ex-bestfriends Tonto Dikeh, Bobrisky expose each other’s dirty secrets on social media

Chidalu Obiajulu

Two popular faces on social media and real life, Nigerian Actress, Tonto Dike and Crossdresser and social media personality, Bobrisky, already made it an entertaining weekend for their fans when they went against each other on Friday, December 17.

The end of their friendship became an open secret earlier this year when Tonto unfollowed Bobrisky on Instagram, and eventually blocked him. And ever since, Bobrisky has been codedly shading the Nollywood actress, who had in the past, consciously avoided responding to his insinuations on social media.

Apparently, majority of their fans were eagerly anxious to hear more about the friendship gone sour, and this Friday, they got their satisfaction.

On Friday, December 17, former best friends, actress Tonto Dikeh and transvestite Bobrisky decided to unravel each other’s dirty secrets on Instagram.

Both socialites who have surreptitiously been at loggerheads since 2019 rid themselves of decency as they spilled some controversial epistles to their followers on social media.

The altercation commenced during the early hours of Friday when Bobrisky responded to a post made by his former best friend on her Instagram post about celebrities who ‘rent’ money to show off on social media.

Tonto Dike’s post that led to the controversy

Bobrisky who is renowned for flaunting cash on social media perceived Tonto Dikeh’s post as a snide remark.

According on the Nollywood actress Tonto, some people spend as much as N300,000 to pay bureau de change operators to borrow N5 million they show off on social media.

Bobrisky immediately, took to his Instagram page to state that he doesn’t fake things.

The transvestite Bobrisky then shared a photo of a bag of cash that he owns to support his claim, stating that the money had been with him for two weeks, which wouldn’t be the case if he had borrowed it. Following that, he went on a ranting spree on his Instagram platform.

Just few Moments after Bobrisky aired his response on Instagram, Tonto Dikeh disclosed that she regrets the day she met the transvestite, highlighting more on the said loan she owes the him, as she addressed Bobrisky’s claim that she owes him N5 million.

According to the Nollywood actress, the money Bobrisky loaned her was N2 million and that it was when she was in Dubai that she asked him to send it to her family to sort out some things.

After the incident that happened via Instagram, it has raised more eyebrows to the two especially the transvestite as Tonto also highlighted how she did go to chemist shops to get butt cream for her ex best friend.