Family Rift As Britney Spears Unfollows Her Sister Jamie Lynn Spears

Chidalu Obiajulu

Popular singer Britney Spears who was put under conservations after a mental break down leading to smashing of a paparazzo car, and spending time in psychiatric hospital in 2008, was by November 12th 2021 free to access her finances.

It was duely told by the pop star that she’s living a free life, and have already started by some cleanses on her Instagram friend list.

Britney recently unfollowed her estranged sister Jamie Lynn Spears, confirmed on Sunday, January 2.

The problem that led to her move of unfollowing her sister came to light amid an ongoing beef and quarrel going on between both of them, just at the end time of her conservatorship, which was finally terminated after 13years in November last year.

It was noted by fans that the “Toxic” singer spoke out against her family members, including Jamie Lynn, their mom Lynne Spears and their dad Jamie Spears, who largely controlled her conservatorship for most of its duration.

According to fans reaction, they accused the Spears of allegedly taking advantage of the conservation financially on Britney—which Jamie Lynn publicly denied—and for not doing enough to support the #FreeBritney campaign.

Problems upon problems led to many controversies that led to many unexplained mysteries. But unfortunately for Jamie, the father of Britney, he was suspended as Britney’s co-conservator of her $57 million estate, a move her mom and his ex-wife Lynne endorsed, saying that she believed he was “incapable” of putting their daughter’s interests ahead of his own.

Mr Spears through his own attorney (lawyer) dropped a statement to clear off all allegations and bashing from whosoever, he stated “For 13 years, I [Mr. Spears] have tried to do what is in [Britney’s] best interests, whether as a conservator or her father…”

He stated the difficulty of anyone who has tried or been of help to a family member, who broke down due to some mental uncertainties, that the conservatee couldn’t manage or hold unto one’s finances.

As for the dad, Mr Spears, this insinuated into having deaf ears and not responding or paying attention to all false, speculative, and undeserved attacks and bashing by certain calibres of people such as the public, media and the most recent his daughters own attorney.