Lukaku back in Chelsea squad but must clear up ‘mess’ caused by controversial interview – Tuchel

Chidalu Obiajulu

Thomas Tuchel has confirmed that Romelu Lukaku has been welcomed back into the Chelsea squad after being dropped from the Blues’ plans following a controversial interview with Italian media.

Belgium striker Romelu Lukaku’s interview with Sky sports Italia was leaked two days before Chelsea met Liverpool in a thrilling new year encounter where they drew 2:2.

The Belgium striker said that physically he was okay but inside of him he’s not happy with the managers style of play and feels like going back to Inter Milan where Chelsea bought him.

According to him, Milan fans are one of the best fans, he loves the atmosphere there, he misses his co-partner Lautaro Martinez and his teammates after winning the Scudetto.

Tuchel has said: “First of all, we are happy that we took the time to look calmly on it, this is what we did. He apologised and is back in the squad for training today. The most important thing was to understand and believe it was not intentional.

“There was never the slightest behaviour against the team. These are very important points to understand that it is not that big as people or you want it to be. It is also not small but small enough to stay calm, to accept an apology and to move on.

“He is aware of what happened and he created and feels the responsibility to clean the mess up but there may still be a smell of course.

“We are happy that he is our player and we will protect him. If someone strongly disagrees, this is about the team with everything we do.

“He is very committed. That is why it was so surprising to me. He scored against Villa and then the next game but he was there and decisive. I never, before the interview, had the slightest doubt that he was not committed.

“He is an emotional guy, he does not hold back with his opinion. We should not just blame him and point on the negative side of it, we have to adapt.

It created some noise that you don’t want but there are zero doubts in his committent to the team.”