Ubi Franklin’s baby mama, Sandra Iheuwa’s marriage reportedly ends 5 months after

Chidalu Obiajulu

Media Influencer Sandra Iheuwa, at the end of last year, threatened to get her ex, and baby daddy, Ubi Franklin detained for posting their daughter’s pictures on his Social Media page, having not contributed to her growth and upkeep.

Not too long after this incident, the news is that Sandra’s marriage with Steve Thompson has crashed after series of misunderstanding.

According to the words of Thompson, he could no longer manage the marriage because of Iheuwa’s nonchalant behaviours.

In a series of posts shared via his Instagram Stories on Sunday, January 9, 2022, the businessman gave several reasons why their marriage crashed.

“My marriage to Sandra can never work again because of her too much use of social media. She doesn’t care about the home. She is bragging about how she cooked three times,” Thompson wrote.

The business tycoon went further to expose what the wife has always said to him, that he married her because she’s a Green card holder, insinuating that he’s a Gold Digger.

One of Mr Thompson’s posts

Thompson said he had already thrown her stuff away from his house and warned the estate security guards not to allow her back to their home.

According to reports, the marriage could have failed due to infidelity on Steve Thompson’s side.

The reports stated that: “Thompson started cheating on Ihuewa upon their arrival from their honeymoon, he always sneaks out secretly to make calls that she doesn’t know about.”

Mr Thompson’s post

The two estranged couple Steve Thompson and Sandra Iheuwa tied the knot in a flamboyant wedding ceremony in 2021, wedding attended by popular people from different social classes.

As was stated by the businessman ” the wife is fake, always claiming to be what she’s not, leaving the house scattered and a social media freak. She’s always quarrelling with his family members, as she has blocked his sister and uncle in the United States.”