L.I F.E…how did we all get here? And for what purpose? How does one’s beginning determine his or her end? Is that even true, or do we just come and go as the “Universe” pleases?

How does life determine whom to be fair to and whom not to? Is that even the case, or do we make our lives what they become?

And hey! How do we talk about life without a mention of its very close pal, D.E.A.T.H?

I know, we all dread talking about it, but why so anyway? It is a definite end that we all must face, no matter who we are, or how we have lived.

Who determines how we all meet this end, and what is this decision based on?

I am fascinated…maybe you are too.

I try not to burden myself with too much worries about life, but at the same time, i love to explore…i love to wonder…i love to analyse events around me…events of life. I love to think about life, and this has given rise to this blog.

Hopefully, i will find someone, yes, even just one person, who loves to wonder about life and tries to make sense out of it too.

Are you this person? Well then! Welcome to my world! Welcome to Vera’s Lounge where we will be talking about life and everything in-between.

I hope it is a journey worth your time after all.